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IIT Bombay C-MInDS Knowledge Science Interview Expertise

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Good day Everybody, I’ve achieved BE in CS, GATE Rank 905  in CS-2022, Class-OBC, CGPA= 9.38

mode of interview: on-line.

Interview: The interviewer requested the next questions:

  • Introduce your self
  • On-screen wrote 2 questions. X and Y are impartial steady random Variable  within the vary [0,1],
    • P(X>1/2)  (1/2)
    • P(X+Y>1/2).    3/4
  • Clarify the above answer. I defined them, however I’m not positive concerning the reply 
  • Given an array with n-1 distinct factor and 1 duplicate factor, the Time complexity to search out the duplicate factor. I defined to them 3 approaches; 
    • Brut power strategy 
    • By  sorting the array 
    • By hashing

Requested a numerical relating to logistic regression, 

That was all concerning the interview. One I believe I need to conclude about IIT Bombay Cminds Interview is, that they principally asking associated to likelihood & Statistics 


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